Our Shows


Series of programs that will help elevate your stress. A prescription-free remedy from the day to day anxieties and mental breakdowns. DIY exercises such as Yoga and Meditation to help you balance your life.


From the Bhagvat Gita to the Ramayan – these mythical texts and sacred scriptures are the foundations of a way-of-life for over 5000 years. An immersive experience that instills a sense of culture and belonging.

Ek Mulaquat

Exclusive interviews and highlights of feature films and their stars. Arti Jangra interviews various Artists about their past, present and upcoming projects. 

Exotic India

History, Culture and Food – Bringing the best of what India has to offer. A series of shows that will make you want to explore the magic and mysteries of the Sub-Continent.


Classics, Comedies, Thrillers and Romcoms – A fragment of everything that has made the Bollywood Film industry what it is today. Showing on weekends.