About Us


When you hear the word “Swagat” in India, you are being ‘Welcomed.’ 

Swagat TV was launched in the United Kingdom over four years ago. Our vision is to bring spiritual programing and world renowned philosophers to our viewers during the daytime, followed by some light Bollywood entertainment and movies in the evenings. Over the years, the channel has quickly expanded with our progressive outlook towards the evolving Indian culture. Allowing us to diversify our content to integrate with the American culture.

The Indian Subcontinent has cultural roots which are over 75,000 years old. The Yogis and Gurus bring age old wisdom of  healthy living and motivation towards living a life of peace and harmony to Swagat TV viewers. 

As we expand to USA, our programing was changed to reflect the fast lifestyles.  Moving towards making our shows interactive and engaging, we are aiming to target a wider demographic by subtitling our content. Allowing more communities to participate and actively contribute towards Swagat TV’s aim of creating diversity and integration. Whether you are listening to Swagat’s cultural & devotional music or enjoying some light classical music after work, it’s easy to relax with Swagat TV.

Swagat TV is an all encompassing platform where people of all walks of life are welcome to voice their opinions and be able to look beyond just one perspective. Welcome to Swagat TV